Become a host of NABEQ

Please share your BBQ and NABE, Let’s become the member of a team who enjoy the world.

Why host on NABEQ?

No matter what kind of BBQ or NABE you have to share, NABEQ makes it simple and secure to earn money and guests looking for unique places to NABEQ, just like yours.

How to be a NABEQ host?

STEP 1  ”Creat your list”
It’s free and easy to create a list on NABEQ. Describe your BBQ & NABE, how many guests you can NABEQ, and add photos and details. You can charge price always up to you.
STEP 2  ”Arrived Guests”
Get to know guests before arrival by messaging them on our platform. Hosts provide the BBQ or NABE for Guest can use.
STEP 3  ”Get paid”
Guests are charged before arrival, and you’ve accrued up until the end of the month after check in, minus a 10% service fee. NABEQ will deposit your earnings into via PayPal, direct deposit, or international money wire, among other ways at the end of the following month.

Start creating your list